Cut my life into pizza, this is my plastic fork, oven baking, heavy breathing, don’t give a **** if it’s carbs that I’m eating

Hello everyone!

This weeks experiment is cauliflower cheese pizza. I’m not a big fan of just strictly cheese pizza, so some pepperoni may have snuck on the crust. Before we decided on this, we were both a bit skeptical. Cauliflower pizza? How is that even possible? So many questions were thrown on the table. What will it taste like? Is it worth it? For Christmas 2014, my mother gave me a ninja and I was unable to use it until now. What better way to break in your ninja right?  My boyfriend has tried cauliflower mashed potatoes and he said they were extremely grainy. So he was concerned this would be the same with the pizza.

Well there was only way to answer our own questions.

Here is the Buzzfeed video.

With the pizza grilled cheese we had multiple attempts.  We only had one shot with the cheesy cauliflower pizza .Just like Eminem, we could not miss our chance to blow this recipe.

After watching the video and reading the recipe Buzzfeed provided, we began.
We started off with the following items:
-1 head of cauliflower -Any type of pizza sauce -2 cups of mozzarella cheese (divided) -3 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese -cooking spray Not Pictured -1 egg -parchment paper -parchment paper -cooking spray

-1 head of cauliflower
-Any type of pizza sauce
-2 cups of mozzarella cheese (divided)
-3 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese
-cooking spray
Not Pictured
-1 egg
-parchment paper

We set the oven to 425 degrees and started cutting the cauliflower into florets. After cutting the florets, it was ninja time. (If you don’t have a ninja, a food processor works just as great)


We did about 4 pulses or until the cauliflower looks similar to rice. Since the ninja is a bit small, we had to do multiple takes before we finished the whole head. It ended up looking like this

cauliflower processed

There was one step Buzzfeed left out; squeezing out the excess water. My friend Rhi had messaged me and warned me, but it was too late. As we followed the recipe, we baked our crust a second time and noticed it looked really soggy in the middle. I wanted to stick to the recipe as much as possible (minus the pepperonis) so we didn’t bake it any longer than they suggested. For those of you wanting to try this recipe, get a cheese cloth or a clean dish towel and place the cauliflower in there to squeeze the excess water.

This is how our crust came out.

This is how our crust came out.

The recipe is called cheesy cauliflower pizza, but what’s a pizza without pepperoni?

We chose Pepperoni, mushrooms and spinach for our toppings.

We chose Pepperoni, mushrooms and spinach for our toppings.

jimmy fallon

Remember how I mentioned a soggy center? Well even though we baked it multiple times, water still managed to seep in and mix in with the tomato sauce.

 For future reference, we know to squeeze out the water from the cauliflower and to bake the crust longer. Every recipe is trial and error, we learn from our mistakes.
 Check out our video to experience this with us.
Well after everything was said and done, here are the results (insert drum-roll)
cauliflower pizza

Our masterpiece

buzzfeed cauliflower pizza

Buzzfeed masterpiece

We hope you enjoyed this post. Come back next week, I promise it won’t be pizza related!
❤ Alyssa
If you like the Taco Bell Song, check out Matt Kitchen on Spotify. Matt is a local musician from New Braunfels and he plays at local venues around the area. He will be performing Saturday 9/26/15 at Herbert’s Taco Hut in New Braunfels at 7pm. It’s his acoustic LP release party. Make sure to go and check him out!

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