Donut worry, be happy :)

Hello everyone!

According to Google, October 14th was National Dessert Day. What better was to celebrate then to make a dessert for the blog. For this attempt I brought in a special guest chef. I was beyond excited when they agreed to help out and I even let them pick the recipe.

Can you guess who it was?


You guessed it! My son Josh!

He picked donuts! Here is the video done by Buzzfeed.


The video says 2 ingredient donuts, but they forget to mention the ingredients needed to make the glaze.

We started off with the following:

Donuts- Buttermilk biscuits, oil Glaze/topping- Cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, milk(we used 2%), and unsweetened cocoa powder

Donuts- Buttermilk biscuits, and oil
Glaze/topping- Cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, milk(we used 2%), and unsweetened cocoa powder

For my last post we attempted monkey bread. I showed my mom the video we made and she laughed at the way I opened the biscuits. An easier way to do so is to just bang the can against the counter. To me that didn’t seem like it would work, but mother knows best right?

Of course it worked! Last week, I was scared to open up the biscuits and look at Josh all fearless!

After the can was opened, we separated the biscuits and cut out the center. For this we used a shot glass, I felt this worked best for us.


While separating the biscuits, we put our pan on medium heat and waited about 5 minutes before we put the oil in. I’m going to be very honest with you guys, I just told my son to pour some in the pan. We did not measure out the oil. As it’s heating up, you may want to open a window, not just for the smoke but because it will get hot, hot, hot. Queue in Nelly’s song, here. (It’s getting hot in here)


donut attempt

After separating the donuts and donut holes, it was time to fry!

I was a bit nervous for this part because I didn’t want either of us getting burned.

I ended up getting burned, but it wasn’t too bad.


After frying them, we made the toppings. The cinnamon sugar was super easy, we just poured in a bowl. The glaze was the tricky part. After measuring everything out (powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla) we mixed the contents together and voila, we had glaze. The recipe also tells you how to make chocolate glaze by adding 3 tablespoons of cocoa. After we had finished icing the donuts with the white glaze, we decided to jump right into the chocolate. I dumped the 3 tablespoons in with the already made glaze. As we started mixing, the mixture became really clumpy. I freaked out a bit, but then I thought, “why not add more powdered sugar and milk, duh!” Sure enough, that’s all it needed.

Once the donuts dried off, it was time to taste test! This is the part Josh could not wait for.

As you can see from his reaction, they seem meh. I thought they were good 🙂 The next day however, we discovered that these would be best eaten when fresh. They seemed really dense and hard to swallow. If you do eat them the next day, maybe try them with coffee or milk.



Check out our video and let me know what you think!

Until next time 🙂


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