Stop thinking, “fork it, lets’s get take-out” and check out this post.

Hello everyone!

For today’s post I will be reviewing one of my peers blogs. The blog I chose is Eatsntreatstxst, inspired by Annie Eichler. Her blog is about cooking. It is extremely similar to mine. She picks simple recipes anyone can follow and hopes to inspire other to cook.


Her latest post was on Chinese food. The food prepared was fried rice. Annie makes it simple by explaining each step and provides images so you know what your food should look like.

After reading her post, it reminded me of a recipe my Zumba sister sent me from Tasty, cauliflower fried “rice”.

I laughed because when she sent it to me, I thought, “Man, nobody ever sends me healthy recipes, just the sweet and greasy ones.”

Going back to our topic, if you’re someone who is not so comfortable in the kitchen, check out Annie’s blog. She is great at explaining each step and won’t steer you wrong.


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