Well that was fun..

Today as I reflect back on this blog, I’m glad I chose this topic to write about. I’ve learned quite a bit of things; for example, video editing skills. Although I am not the best at it (yet) I downloaded an app, Viva video from the google play store, and I felt it helped me out. At first I couldn’t figure out how to use it, so I uninstalled it. I tried again  and started messing around with it and eventually figured out how to add music, edit clips, etc.

I wish I had a video camera to use versus using my cell phone. I feel like the quality of the videos would have been better if I had that. I plan on getting a video camera soon to improve on my skills. I really would like to work for Buzzfeed or at least intern for them, but one of the requirements is making your own videos. Although I have videos made, I feel they could always be better.

The best day I had was September 21st, the day before that I had posted a blog on the pizza grilled cheese.


I’m not sure why this post had so many views. The recipe was pretty simple and easy. It is now the most popular video on my YouTube channel. If you look closely at my stats, you’ll notice the most popular time for my blog is 2:00am. That just shows you, people think about me and food before bed 🙂

To promote my blog I used Facebook and Twitter. I think I may go back and pin these on my Pinterest page and try my luck there. I received a lot of feedback on Facebook, Twitter not so much. I think I need to try using better #hashtags.

I am still going to post on here at least once a week because there are so many recipes I must try. One thing I enjoy most about this blog is being able to cook with other people. I make my son help me so he can savor the food longer and have a sense of accomplishment because he helped put it together.

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See ya soon! ❤



Nothing says love like cheesecake…

I think I’m still in a food coma. Traditionally on Thanksgiving, most people have your typical pecan and pumpkin pie for dessert. This year I decided to step out of the box and make something different. As I was scrolling on my FB, I noticed a dessert I had to try. Mini Oreo cheesecake bites, my 2 favorite things.

After watching the video, I was sold. Few ingredients and super easy to make.

I started off with the following ingredients


Sugar, 2 X 8 oz cream cheese, vanilla, 2 eggs, sour cream, and oreos

Sugar, 2 X 8 oz cream cheese, vanilla, 2 eggs, sour cream, and Oreos


I am proud to say I didn’t have any complications during this recipe. It was one of the simplest ones I have picked from Tasty.

After getting all the ingredients together, it was time to mix.

mixing time


After mixing the ingredients together, we decided to do a quality control check on the oreos.

Josh and I

We decided they were good enough for our cheesecake bites.

After doing so we finished up with the recipe by baking them for 22 minutes at 275 degrees.

ov en

 After baking them for 22 min, I took them out and let them cool for about 1 hour. After they are cool, you can place them in the fridge for 3 hours.


Since I did these at night, I left them in there all night. The next morning I took one out to try (quality control) and it was delicious.


If you’re looking for a simple recipe for a potluck or just because, I definitely recommend this recipe. Like I said before, simple and easy to make.

I know I said I would make the cauliflower fried rice, but I was signed up for dessert. Next time guys 🙂